Cloud Rat / Drugs of Faith split 7"

Available on Bandcamp. The vinyl is sold out!

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Live set from 2012 recorded in NYC

Please order the tape at Contaminated Tones.

Decibel Magazine DB 039 Flexi

The flexi appears in the Decibel Magazine April 2014 issue #114.

Please order the mag at the Decibel Magazine store.

Architectural Failures

Please order the 12" EP from Malokul at their Storenvy, their Bandcamp, or from Drugs of Faith.


Please order CD from Selfmadegod Records

Please order LP from Drugs of Faith

Digital download: CD Baby and iTunes and Bandcamp

This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2

Please order from Relapse Records

Antigama / Drugs Of Faith split 3" CD

Three songs from Antigama and three from Drugs of Faith.

Order from Bandcamp. The CD is sold out!

Self-titled Mini Album

Please order from Bandcamp

You can order the LP version of our mini album, which features two bonus tracks, through Discogs

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