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Photos of our most recent gig

February 19, 2015:
High Hat Media and Baltimore City Paper posted some great pics of DOF and the bands we played with at the Sidebar in Baltimore.

Godflesh cover posted online

January 21, 2015:
The cover song we recorded for the Godflesh tribute album is up on Bandcamp.

Order the CD or LP of Fathers Of Our Flesh via Facebook or Discogs.

Flexi appearing in new commercial

December 24, 2014:
Decibel Magazine put together a commercial to promote their "deluxe edition collector's box," and our flexi is featured!

Live shows

November 12, 2014:
We've had a dry spell on playing gigs lately, but we've got two booked now and we've been writing some more riffs. It's good to be more active again!

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