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Writing and anniversary

March 22, 2017:
We're "in writing mode," as Blabbermouth sometimes puts it. We have a few shows coming up too, and our frontman is again playing in the Sepultura cover band Clenched Fist in Philly at the afterparty for the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest.

And our Decibel flexi came out in February 2014!

Side project live show

November 2, 2016:
Our frontman is playing in a Sepultura cover band called Clenched Fist, and they have a show with the great Congenital Death in Philly. Here's the event on Facebook!

Live pics update

Baltimore August 1, 2016:
We've added links to more sets of live pics from Baltimore City Paper and Return to the Pit.

Another release anniversary

July 18, 2016:
Our old-school live tape Back to 2012 came out this month in 2014.

More social media

March 16, 2016:
Holy shit, we're on Twitter.

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